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Elmhurst Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Where The SON Always Shines!
Where The SON Always Shines!
We CAN'T Serve Two Masters
Devotional for Wednesday, June 28 2017 - « Previous
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Jesus doesn't say that we shouldn't serve two masters. He says that we can't serve two masters. Our human selfishness has nothing in common with the selfless love of God. On one side is the selfless follower of Jesus; on the other side is the selfish lover of pleasure, caving in to fashion and wasting time in all types of meaningless actions. True Christians cannot cross that line.

     No one can be neutral; no one can stand in the middle, neither loving God nor serving Satan. Jesus will live in the hearts of His followers, working through them. With their will tied to His will, they will act with His Spirit. Jesus now lives in them. A Christian who isn't totally committed to God is under the control of another power, listening to another voice. Half-hearted commitment leaves the believer in the enemy's camp.

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