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Elmhurst Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Where The SON Always Shines!
Where The SON Always Shines!
Study and Pray
Devotional for Tuesday, August 22 2017 - « Previous
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The Bible should never be studied without prayer. The Holy Spirit alone can cause us to feel the importance of those things easy to be understood, or prevent us from wresting truths difficult of comprehension. It is the office of heavenly angels to prepare the heart so to comprehend the word of God that we shall be charmed with its beauty, admonished by its warning, and strengthened by its promises.

     Temptations often appear irresistible because, through neglect of prayer and the study of the Bible, the tempted one cannot readily remember the promises of God and meet Satan with the Scripture weapons. But angels are round about those who are willing to be taught in divine things; and in the time of great necessity they will bring to their remembrance the very truths which are needed.

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