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Where The SON Always Shines!
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Have you ever noticed how your relationship with someone grows cold when you wrong that person? Even if you ask for forgiveness and the person you hurt forgives you, there seems to be a strain that hampers all of your subsequent interactions with that person. It's almost as if a wall has been built between you and the other person.

That is precisely the problem God faces. Sin has created a barrier between Him and us even though He has forgiven us and continues to forgive us. God wants complete "at-one-ment" with us, but too many times we're content with mere forgiveness. We want to have our legal standing with God changed; we want to have that check mark next to our name that entitles us to heaven; but we don't really want to get on the same page with Him.

It doesn't take much. All God is asking us to do is to allow Him to teach us how to say Yes to Him whenever He bids us to do something. He isn't asking us to make ourselves holy or sinless. He isn't demanding that we perfect ourselves by our own efforts. He simply invites us to look to His cross, appreciate His love, allow our hearts to melt, and learn how to take Him at His word. The more we allow our hearts to be moved by Calvary's love, the more fully they will be brought into harmony with God's heart, and our complete at-one-ment with Him will be inevitable.

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