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Elmhurst Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Where The SON Always Shines!
Where The SON Always Shines!

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  • Special prayer for my current job for the lord to remove all evil both seen and unseen from around at my job in every area. To give me the opportunity to train at my job in computers for current what im currently studying in school for IT Engendering.
    charles wright - Jan 15 2017
  • Please pray to the lord to stop the evil doers in high place in USA government to stop attacking America systems directly and indirectly. on all levels of intellect.
    charles wright - Jan 11 2017
  • 1.Pray for my health that God would bless me to remain healthy mentally and physically no nerve or organ damage etc. 2.Please pray for my wife Stephanie and I to get good news that she is pregnant and let us have a healthy baby. 3.Pray for my relationships with my family and the few friends I have and that God puts loyal friends in my life who for example wont try to hit on my wife. 4.Permant deliverance from alcohol of all types by choice in Jesus name. 5.Favor at my job to exceed expectations at my current job until God opens up another door. 6.Closer walk with Jesus. 7.Favor with God and man. 8.Continue to allow and help me to give to poor and continue paying tithes. 9.An Oakland Raiders victory today over the Denver Broncos on the scoreboard and in life. 10.Good health and blessings for our family and friends!
    charles rutley - Jan 01 2017
  • i pray to god daily n god help us to build our new revedevelophouse soon before monsoon n bless my son change his good mind n lifen working hard n i want work any good job for money
    aruna panicker - Mar 02 2016
  • I'm a teacher. Please pray that I can get another position this year within the school system outside the classroom. In the meantime please pray that my students behavior gets better. Their conduct is outrageous and I cannot seem to control them. Thank you
    anonymous ,. - Feb 02 2013
  • My name is Monique Graves and I am the founder of, Lauren's House 4 Positive Change and Q and B Athletic Association. We are based out of the East Palo Alto SDA church. I need prayer for a christian football and basketball league that we are starting up in April. May God's name be glorified in basketball ball. May the youth be touched by the holy spirit. May God send the coaches that He would lead his children to the kingdom. May God cover the expenses, insurance, staffing, equipment right now in the name of Jesus. May God replace my families homelessness with what he see fit for us. May my debt be a memory of my past. I am praising God for all the things that he has done for us thus far. May He change my staff's hearts and heal them of anything that may have been done to them in their past and may something so magnificent happen to them in the name of Jesus. Amen
    Monique Graves - Jan 18 2013